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Bid and Win | bidforx
Bid and Win | bidforx

Bid on items, get them at 1% of their original price

We auction products, which Indian users can bid on. You can bid on the products you desire and be the winner! Save lots of money.

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How it works?

Find an item you like :

All auctions start at ₹0. Once a user first bids on an item, the timer starts.

Bid before the time runs out :

Every time someone places a bid, the price increases by ₹0.01 — and the timer duration is reset. Now you can place a bid and become the highest bidder.

The last bid wins

Whoever places the last bid before the timer reaches zero wins the item.

Get your product

Keep trying on different items till you win. You can redeem the item when you win. The item will be shipped to you from Amazon, Flipkart, or Tatacliq.

Sanyo 108.2cm (43 inch)
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Why Bid Instead of Buy?

Opportunity to get products at 1% of their price

With this novel auction format for products, you can get any product being auctioned at less than 1% of its price

Nothing to lose. Buy at MRP and get the full refund.

If you have lost an auction, you can opt to purchase the item at MRP. You’ll get the full bid amount refunded to you.

Claim auctions won in different ways

Whenever you win an auction, you get additional option to redeem it in terms of Amazon, Flipkart etc. vouchers.

Magic Bids. Everything is automated.

Place bids automatically in the last 5 seconds. Just specify the maximum you’re willing to bid, and we’ll do the work for you.

Exclusive 2X Cashback Policy

At BidforX, we want you to win amazing products. And with 2X Cashback, you get double, to win double!

Secure, safe, and transparent

The products we auction are curated. We make sure the items you’ve won reach you on time. And our support team is here to help. And these are procured from trustworthy e commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Tatacliq.

Multiple use cases

You can use our vouchers in other websites and get equivalent INR amount. Currently, this is accepted on a few websites.

Delightful and Easy to use

Our auction site is easy to use and is designed to give you a great experience.

Quality products from reliable sites

All our auctions are products you can find in trusted e-commerce sites, like Amazon or Flipkart. When you win an auction, we order that item for you through the store. It’s just like any other online order.

Amazon Flipkart Paytm Tata Cliq

Buzz about BidforX

I’ve taken part in online auctions before and wanted to give BidforX a try. Be it setting up the account, depositing money, bidding on a product, or setting auto-bid; everything was so easy and simple.

Ravi Kiran

I couldn’t believe when I won the Mi Band 2 for Rs.4.23! I just tried BidforX on a whim and boy! Was I surprised. And I also received the product on time. Why pay more when you can bid, right?

Anirudh R.

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