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Cashback Policy

Hey people,

Enjoying bidding with us?

Well, here is one more reason to enjoy BidforX even more – we are offering ‘Cashbacks’! That’s right! But to bid and win products worth hundreds of thousands, you need to understand how you can reap endless benefits from our cashbacks policy. In this FAQ, we will explain how the bids in your wallet can be used in different ways. Ready? Here we go:

Now, let us talk about how cashbacks works on our platform. Take a glance at the cashback policy table here:

Amount Invested 2X Cashback 10% Cashback
(Slab 1) Less than 5% of MRP 0% of your spend 0%
(Slab 2) 5-10% of MRP 20% of your spend 10%
(Slab 3) 10-40% of MRP 30% of your spend 10%
(Slab 4) More than 40% of MRP 50% of your spend 10%

Note: To claim your ‘Cashback’, go to ‘My Offers’ where you can find a list of all the auctions you participated in, along with their respective ‘Cashback’ offers.

2X Cashback

Let us assume that the price of the product is Rs. 100 and you spent Rs. 60 (qualifies for Slab 4 cashback) in an auction. In that case, your claimable cashback amount would be Rs. 30 (50% of Rs. 60 as per Slab 4).

But the good news is that you can actually claim Rs. 60 instead of the cashback you are eligible for i.e Rs. 30. All you have to do is add just Rs. 30 more to receive Rs. 60 worth of bids in your 'Non-withdrawable' balance. Double, right? Hence, the ‘2X Cashback’. To claim it deposit the amount and click Claim button in ‘My Offers’ section.

Exclusive 100% Cashback

Folks! Now this is where it gets really exciting. To give you another huge reason to ‘bid & win’, we have select products with ‘Exclusive 100% Cashback’ offer. Yes, H-U-N-D-R-E-D!

How it Works

In order to grab this exhilarating offer, there are few criteria that have to be met during the auction:

  1. The ‘Bid price’ must cross the minimum value set for that particular product after which ‘Cashback policy’ applies to it. We call it ‘Cashback After’, which can be checked for each product on the items grid.
  2. You must spend a minimum 5% of the product MRP.

    Once you meet the above listed criteria, you will be eligible for a 100% refund on your spend.

    Note: The winner of 100% cashback auctions are not eligible for this offer.

    To claim it, all you have to do is deposit the same amount to get 100% of your spend in your BidforX wallet as Cashback.
    For instance, let us assume:
    • - The auction has already crossed ‘Cashback After’ value
    • - MRP of product with ‘Exclusive 100% Cashback’ offer = Rs. 10,000.
    • - our spend = Rs. 500 (5% of MRP).

      In this case, you would be eligible for a 100% cashback i.e Rs. 500.

  3. To claim your cashback, you will have to follow steps mentioned below:
    • - Go to ‘My Offers’
    • - Find your product, click ‘Claim’, and deposit Rs. 500 to receive Rs. 1000 (Rs. 500 cashback + Rs. 500 you just deposited) in your BidforX Non-withdrawable wallet.

Note: If you don’t wish to claim 2X Cashback or 100% Cashback, you can claim flat 10% of your spend, as per Slab 2, 3, and 4. Cashback is applicable only for non-winners.