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How to claim

Hey there,

Congratulations on winning your favourite product on BidforX!

Now it’s time for you to get your hands on your product. Normally, you would claim your product and receive it on your address registered with us, in few days. But guess what? We decided to make it even more exciting for you. Ready?

Here's the catch: not just one, but you claim your product on BidforX in 1 of the 4 different ways. However you choose, your wish! Here's how you can claim it:

- Simply claim the product and we will deliver it to the address you registered with us.
- Get gift cards/vouchers of more than 40 e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and others, worth 80% of product’s actual price in exchange of the product. For example - if the product you won is listed at Rs. 10,000, you can exchange it for voucher(s) worth Rs. 8,000 (80% of Rs.10,000). You can buy a single voucher worth Rs. 8,000 or split the value into 3 vouchers with a cumulative worth of Rs. 8,000 from maximum 3 e-commerce platforms.
- Convert 80% of the product's actual price to Non-withdrawable INR (NWI) bids. (Withdrawal TnC apply)
- Convert 60% of the product's actual price to Withdrawable INR (WI) bids. (Withdrawal TnC apply).

You see, there is always so much you can do at BidforX. So claim your reward with whichever of the 4 ways suit you the best and keep bidding!