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Terms and conditions

  1. When you register and sign up you enter into an understanding with BidforX the legal entity and you as a user
  2. You confirm that you are over 18 years in age and are legally allowed to participate in any such auctions
  3. You would use the services in the manner outlined below.
  4. We might use your picture on our website or for any particular promotion

Scope of service:

The product is offered as a bidding or auction platform where users can bid for different items. The auction format is a novel format which BidforX has a proprietary intellectual property on it.

BidforX responsibilities, representations and warranties:

BidforX would provide a platform for users to participate in auctions. BidforX would make reasonable attempts to ensure they would correct any particular errors or issues that are pointed for which relevant data and examples are pointed out by the user.

User’s responsibilities, representations and warranties:

  1. Provide relevant information that might be required.
  2. Ensure the data provided to BidforX is accurate and there is no false information or misinformation of any kind.
  3. The customer should not keep his username in a way that might be derogatory or obscene to anyone else
  4. Any ill-use of the service to inaccurately update the balances, amount or any further changes that are not complaint with a fair auction would be dealt strongly with.
  5. Any extra credit of bids or funds or vouchers which does not belong to the user, the user is liable to return it back to BidforX
  6. Any usage of the customer’s account is on behalf of him and the customer agrees to take reasonable precautions to ensure
  7. Fees, taxes: Customer acknowledges that the all applicable taxes, duties, or government levies whatsoever are not included in the fees and expenses charged under this Agreement. Customer will make timely payment of all such taxes, duties, or government levies related to this Agreement.
  8. Modification: The terms and conditions of this agreement might be amended, modified or changed and we would make reasonable attempts to apprise the users of the same. If the user does not agree with any particular changes they might write to us on this email ID
  9. Limited Warranty: BidforX provides the service as is. The customer is using the service on his own decision and there is no warranty of any sort that is being offered for the usage of the services.


Customer shall indemnify BidforX in relation to any activities conducted by Customer through the Services, or otherwise in relation to “Customer’s” products or services.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India